FLYING Magazine, Q1 2022

FLYING Magazine, Q1 2022



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Since 1927, FLYING Magazine has been the premier aviation magazine. This is the first issue of the fully reimagined FLYING Magazine.

Kicking off a new design and quarterly format, FLYING takes you behind the scenes of the popular short takeoff and landing flight craze, STOL Drag. Learn about the history of this truly American aviation pastime that started at a desert strip in the High Sierra; and, meet the pilots, their aircraft, and the mods that set them apart in competition.

This first quarterly edition of FLYING also takes you inside the magic of avionics giant Garmin, highlights traditional stick-and-rudder flying in the Luscombe 8, takes a closer look at the HondaJet 2600 Concept, and explores high-elevation flying at Alpine Altiports—a pilot bucket-list destination.

In a nod to its past—while celebrating its future under the new leadership of media entrepreneur Craig Fuller—the issue also looks back on nine decades of aviation innovation, as told through the issues of FLYING.

While it features a new design, higher quality paper and images, this inaugural edition of the new FLYING has all the familiar faces you’ve come to love, including Jason McDowell, Pia Bergqvist, Peter Garrison, Les Abend, Martha Lunken, and Jason Blair, and FLYING’s iconic columns: Ask Flying, Chart Wise, Technicalities, ILAFFT, and more.



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